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E-mal Matt & Heidi Bernard

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Matt & Heidi in their new Kitchen in their new home

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Matt & Heidi closed
January 4th 1999

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From: Heidi Bernard <>
To: James Filson <>
Date: Monday, December 14, 1998 12:15 PM
Subject: Re: Reference check for George "G-II" Varrato & Lori Klindera

Well we are first time home buyers and we have no idea what is suppose to goon but G-II has filled us in on everything and explains everything so that we understand it. We are having our house built and we haven't closed yet and G-II has been trying everything in his power to try to get it finished
before the end of the year. We haven't done much he has done everything for us, like take the paperwork to the lender, make appointment for us, and voices our complaints to the builder. We have not had to do much of anything and I am very grateful for that because we don't know what we are suppose to do, and we don't have a lot of time because of work and things. 

We don't have to worry because G-II will take care of it. We just walked into Coldwell Banker off the street and the receptionist put us with G-II and I am so glad that we have someone who is on our side and will do everything to make us happy. We got so lucky because I don't think we could
have picked a better team.

I hope this helps you. I think you will be making the right choice.

Heidi Bernard.

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From: James Filson <>
To: <>
Date: Saturday, December 12, 1998 10:07 AM
Subject: Reference check for George "G-II" Varrato & Lori Klindera

Dear Matt & Heidi Bernard,

Your names were provided to us by George & Lori Varrato as recent clients. Connie and I have a home in the Phoenix area that we are considering listing with the Varrato's. I would appreciate it if you could share your experience and opinions from dealing with them.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

Jim & Connie Filson

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