Jan. 19, 1998

Tracy Saxton
Pinellas Park, Fl 33781
Tel: 727-522-1291

re: GII & Lori Varrato
to: Ginny Lomagno, Broker, Prudential Florida Realty

Dear Ginny,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what kind of excellent realtors you have working for you. I�m just so sorry it�s taken me this long to write to you.

I started my home search back around Thanksgiving, but I wasn�t real serious yet. I happened to get in touch with GII about one of the properties he had listed. I spoke with him about the home and realized it wasn�t what I was looking for, but he was so very helpful. He gave me his home number and even his e-mail address and told me to call him anytime he would be more then happy to help me.

Every once and awhile I would happen to stumble across something that looked interesting and I would call GII. He was always so pleasant to speak with and always willing to get information for me. At that time, he told me about a couple of places out on the Internet that I could browse around. I thought boy, he�s really great, all this time and he hasn�t gotten pushy or even called me a hundred and one times, but he was always there when I had a question.

Finally in late April early May, I had to get real serious about finding a home. It was no longer just an option, my landlord decided to sell the house I was living in. I immediately called GII. We met for the first time at his office and we went for a drive around town looking for homes. Unfortunately we didn�t find anything I was interested in. About a week later I called GII and told him I thought I had found a place. I gave him the name of the realtor and the address and by that afternoon he had an appointment for us to see this house.

Well, I�ve got to tell you, that was the house I bought. We went back to his office and drew up the contract it was just so easy. GII helped me set up all of the inspections and got things rolling. I was in my new house within 15 days of seeing it.

I highly recommend GII and Lori to all of my friends. I dealt with so many realtors before I met them and I can tell you there wasn�t a one of them I wanted to do business with. These two people really take extra special care of there clients. They seem to be a real asset to your company. I really hope when I�m ready to sell this house and buy another one that they will still be around.

Sincerely yours,

Tracy Saxton
Satisfied Customer