SUCCESS EXPERIENCE From Jose & Michelle Fonseca

1. What was the highlight of your recent home buying (selling) experience?

My agent working a exceptional deal with us having to put zero down. Also my agent coming to our home an actually cleaning the pool so that we could enjoy right away.

2. What was your greatest disappointment in your recent home buying (selling) experience?

No disappointment.

3. What single thing did your agent do that helped you the most?

Taking care of every detail. Getting my VA certificate of eligibility re-validated.

4. How does our service compare to other real estate services you have received in the past?

The best by far.

5. Would having mortgage, escrow/title and insurance services available through your broker add value to your transaction?

Not sure.

6. On a scale of 1-10 could you rate the experience you had with our representative and our company?

The experience with your company is equal to that of its representatives. Lori & "G-II" scored a perfect 10.

7. Would you recommend our company to a friend, family member or associate who needs real estate assistance?


8. If you used Cendant Mortgage, Equity Title or Success Insurance, were you satisfied with the service?

Yes, we used them anyway.

9. If you had a way to check the status of your sale (purchase) on the Internet, would that be helpful?

Not Sure.

10. How would you rate the communication you had with your agent? With the company?

Top notch. Always available. Our agents proved we were their priority.

11. What would be your preference for communication from your real estate company:

Telephone U.S. Mail Personal Visit Fax E-mail

We had already been transferred to the states. Our computer had not arrived yet. We needed to find a place quickly, so Communications via the Internet would not have been possible, but we would have welcomed that form of Communications. Instead, we used the phone and personal visits. Once I was settled at my new job, then we used the Internet. I really don't have a preference as long as the communications is constant and informative and Lori & "G-II" Were every bit of that and more.

12. What can we do to improve this communication?

No problem with current process.

13. Were there any services provided to you that you were surprised to receive or are there additional services you would have liked to receive?

Concierge services.

14. Were you made aware of our Concierge services? Did you use the services? How would you rate the services on a 1-10 scale?

10's a perfect 10

15. Our goal is to build clients for life, what must we do to achieve this goal?

Keep up the good work!