SUCCESS EXPERIENCE From Jim & Penny Sullivan

1. What was the highlight of your recent home buying (selling) experience?

Having realtors that were able to know our preferences in purchasing a home. They were able to tell us more about the area Then we would have known as we relocated from another area. Our realtor was very successful in setting up our route on1y The tour of homes to preview. This was extremely helpful, as we were on a deadline to find a house in a 2 � day visit to The area. Having a realtor listen to what we were looking for in a home was extremely helpful�We couldn�t have done it Without them.

2. What was your greatest disappointment in your recent home buying (selling) experience?

We really didn�t have any. Our realtors were unique in the matter that we were able to view most of the properties via the Internet and in that way only see homes that met our criteria.

3. What single thing did your agent do that helped you the most?

Our agent (s) have a web site that they are able to show us our homes on our own web page. This was extremely helpful as We did not know the area or where to even purchase a home. They helped in giving us information on school districts and Information about the neighborhoods we were considering along with what was near the homes we were previewing. They Were in regular contact with us and available whenever we had a question or concern.

4. How does our service compare to other real estate services you have received in the past?

The services we received when moving to the Phoenix area were by far the best we�ve ever experienced when trying to find A home. We had, within the past year before moving to Arizona, purchased a home in the Chicago-land area. Our Experience here has shown us that more realtors need to learn how to help their clients to the fullest possible way. Our Realtors were by far, very personable, knowledgeable and quite efficient. Our realtor(s) listened to our wants and needs And that alone speaks highly for them.

5. Would having mortgage, escrow/title and insurance services available through your broker add value to your transaction?

Yes. Having this is very helpful.

6. On a scale of 1-10 could you rate the experience you had with our representative and our company?

We would rate the experience at a "10"�.a very high 10!

7. Would you recommend our company to a friend, family member or associate who needs real estate assistance?

Without a doubt! And actually we have recommended our realtors to others and will in the future.

8. If you used Cendant Mortgage, Equity Title or Success Insurance, were you satisfied with the service?

We used Equity Title and were very satisfied with their services. They are very helpful people and have all their ducks in a Row, so to speak.

9. If you had a way to check the status of your sale (purchase) on the Internet, would that be helpful?

Yes, very helpful. We had this with our realtor and don�t think it we could have relocated without the help of the internet.

10. How would you rate the communication you had with your agent? With the company?

The communication we had with our agent(s) was the best we�ve ever had. It goes to show that the company knows who To hire and how to keep them. Our agent(s) was always there whenever we had a question or concern.

11. What would be your preference for communication from your real estate company:

Telephone U.S. Mail Personal Visit Fax E-mail

We lived in Chicago. Lori & "G-II" published a web page for us to view our prospective new homes. They called it a ZEP Page. We were able to preview hundreds of homes and narrow the search to about 9 houses that were potential candidates.  When we landed, we took about 2 days to make our decision. All of our subsequent communications was over the Internet.

12. What can we do to improve this communication?

I wish I could help with this one, but unfortunately we have found no fault with the communication we had with our Agent (s).

13. Were there any services provided to you that you were surprised to receive or are there additional services you would have liked to receive?

I can�t think of any. There were services we had questions about and our agent (s) helped in finding this information for us.

14. Were you made aware of our Concierge services? Did you use the services? How would you rate the services on a 1-10 scale?

Yes, our agent (s) put us in touch with the concierge services. They were very helpful in establishing services needed for Our new home. I would rate them at a 8.

15. Our goal is to build clients for life, what must we do to achieve this goal?

Well, there is nothing more you can do�.we are already a client for life. We love our realtors and would do business with Them again, when and if we sell or buy in the near future.