SUCCESS EXPERIENCE From Chris & Becki Ashby

1. What was the highlight of your recent home buying (selling) experience?

Being able to move into a great house as soon as we rolled into town from overseas. Also, the ease with which we were able to purchase the house using internet services through our realtor.

2. What was your greatest disappointment in your recent home buying (selling) experience?

No real disappointments, only minor inconveniences.

3. What single thing did your agent do that helped you the most?

Promptly replied to our multitude of questions making us feel more at ease.

4. How does our service compare to other real estate services you have received in the past?

Best seen yet! We�ll call the same realtor the next time we buy or sell!

5. Would having mortgage, escrow/title and insurance services available through your broker add value to your transaction?

Sure, but he was familiar enough with the services that it did not really slow us down.

6. On a scale of 1-10 could you rate the experience you had with our representative and our company?

Our experience was above expected a perfect 11

7. Would you recommend our company to a friend, family member or associate who needs real estate assistance?

Already have. Two of our friends are now in touch w/ our realtor and another on the way.

8. If you used Cendant Mortgage, Equity Title or Success Insurance, were you satisfied with the service?

Equity title started off a little slow, and we had to repeat a few things for them, but the quickly got up to speed with where we were in the house buying process.

9. If you had a way to check the status of your sale (purchase) on the Internet, would that be helpful?

Sure, but G-II kept us in the loop very well.

10. How would you rate the communication you had with your agent? With the company?

The best thing about him! Constant communication and prompt replies.

11. What would be your preference for communication from your real estate company:

Telephone U.S. Mail Personal Visit Fax E-mail

We were in Germany. Phone calls and faxes would have been too expensive and mail too slow. The Internet was the perfect way to communicate our needs and for Lori & "G-II" to keep in touch with us.

12. What can we do to improve this communication?

Hire more people like Loir & "G-II"

13. Were there any services provided to you that you were surprised to receive or are there additional services you would have liked to receive?

We used the concierge service for several things�it was a nice bonus. Also, our realtor�s digital pictures posted to our veryown web page made it a top notch program.

14. Were you made aware of our Concierge services? Did you use the services? How would you rate the services on a 1-10 scale?

Yes. Very good.

15. Our goal is to build clients for life, what must we do to achieve this goal?

You�ve done well by us�..just follow the lead of great people like G-II and Lori.