Subject: G-II and Lori
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 22:14:56 EDT
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Karlsson,
    I am writing to you regarding our experience with G-II and Lori.  Let me
begin by telling you that I have purchased and sold 3 homes, and was part of
an investment group who purchased an entire subdivision.  In my experience,
I have never worked with a team, or individual as professional, competent or
hard working as G-II and Lori.  Given my busy schedule, and purchasing a
home long-distance, I have little time to deal with all the large and minor
details regarding buying a home.  G-II and Lori have not only met all of my
needs in this regard but have exceeded every one of them.  They have handled
every detail from acquiring our title company to arranging painting bids to
having all of our utilities turned on before we arrive at our new home.
    We began our search for a new home by shopping online through a zep page
designed exclusively for us by G-II.  This allowed us to significantly
narrow down our search and reduce the time we would spend house hunting once in
Phoenix.  Then, with a very short time frame, 5 days, we were able to find
our dream home, submit a bid, and begin the necessary paperwork to close on
our dream home all before departing back to Ohio.
    I have never written a letter on behalf of any of the previous realtors
I have worked with but I have already assured G-II and Lori that I will be
submitting a letter on their behalf to the President of Coldwell Banker for
their exceptional skills, expertise and that personal touch that I've never
before experienced.  I give them the highest of recommendations and they
have already been assured that when we are ready to sell, they will be our
    If you still have any reservations or concerns, please feel free to
contact me at home and I will answer any questions that I can.  623-536-7883
Dr. Scott Fisher