What if the lender you find does not support you and your family during the purchase process? 
Here is a Testimonial from one of our clients who was faced with that reality.

From: Paul J. Fries [paul@cwie.net]
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 4:54 PM
To: Bill Jilbert, Designated Broker, Coldwell Banker Success [BJilbert@CBSuccess.com]
CC: Linda L. Lightfoot, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Success [Llightfoot@CBSuccess.com]
Subject: Our Experience with G-II and Lori

Bill and Linda,

My wife and I have just concluded the purchase of a new home. Our representatives during the process were Caldwell Banker Success Realtors Lori and G-II. We wanted to send you an e-mail in order to express our gratitude, and to illustrate to you how well this team handled our transaction.

We began our home buying adventure by simply going to lendingtree.com and getting a pre-approval for the amount of money we wanted to spend on our house. After this was complete, we contacted Lori and G-II excited to begin looking for our new home. I filled out the form on their web site denoting all of the specifications we wanted for our house (sq. footage, location, etc..). They quickly returned an e-mail with several houses that met our criteria, and we set up an appointment to begin looking.

We actually found our house very quickly. I think it was maybe the 4th or 5th house we visited. We looked at a few others after that, but that one really had us sold from the moment we walked in. G-II and Lori did a full market analysis on all of the similar houses sold in that area, and came back with what they thought was a reasonable offer (maybe a tad low since it was 8K less than the listing price). We went for it, and to our surprise the sellers accepted immediately.

At this point, G-II had also drafted an addendum to our conditional loan approval (CLA); he called it the "Addendum to the AAR CLA." It is basically a document that held our lender responsible for any damages caused to either the seller or buyer if the lender delayed the closing date for any reason that was not the fault of the borrower (me) or seller. At the time I did not think much of it, but this little document really ended up saving us in the end. G-II and Lori require that all lenders sign this AAR CLA, and after the experience that my wife and I had, I can see exactly why.

All of our problems started right after we made the offer and were under contract. There were so many problems that it would take many pages to describe them all, but I can summarize by just saying that every step of the way (almost every other day) something came up that had the capability of terminating the transaction. Virtually all of the problems were related to the fact that I seem to have found the most inexperienced and unprofessional mortgage broker on the planet.  Through all of this Lori and G-II were there taking care of things. When we got to the point that we thought we might want to jump ship and get another lender, Lori and G-II had one waiting in the wings ready to go. Thankfully we never had to go that route, but that option was available if we needed it.

At the very end, our closing date ended up being pushed back (twice) and if it weren't for the AAR CLA we would not have had a leg to stand on. My lender paid the seller the damages for the late closing, and it was a done deal. 

On the very last day when we got to the title company to sign the docs, something else popped up; the lender had slipped us over 600$ in additional costs on the loan docs that they did not notify us of earlier. G-II had asked the lender multiple times if there were any additional charges associated with the loan, and "no" was always the answer. Well needless to say G-II about blew a gasket, and got on the phone with the lender (on the day of closing mind you) and got them to refund the entire amount back to us. They sent a courier over to the Lender's office that day to pick up the check for us.

It is all a done deal now though, and my wife and I couldn't be happier. We are both a little battered and bruised, but at least we have our house, and everything worked out in the end. 

I hope that you realize what a great team you have working for you. I can honestly say that if it weren't for Lori and G-II we would not have our house. They really went all out to bring this deal together for us. They will definitely be seeing us again in the future when/if we decide to sell or buy any property. 


Paul & Jenni Fries