From: Jon & Jenn Scrabeck []
Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2003 9:21 AM
To: Michael and Nathalie Horlbeck
CC: G-II and Lori
Subject: Re: Lori and G-II

Hello. Sorry for the delay in replying to your message. Our computer was out for a few days. We would be happy to help you with Lori and 'G-II'. They are wonderful realtors and people. They were so helpful to us in our search. We were stationed in NC and only had a day and a half to house hunt. They would send us listings via email and I searched some on my own and would request those listings to see (the MLS's). By them helping us ahead of time it really helped eliminate wasted time in our search. Then once we were here for the 2 days to look at the properties it was so easy. Then even better, once we chose a house the rest was a cake walk as far as the closing, etc. Their title company, Equity Title, was great and it's upstairs from their office. 

A few things to ask you and I would be happy to be a sponsor if you need one! My husband is in the USMC. He is the Recruiting Station Commander for the state of AZ. What a fun job!, NOT! We didn't have a sponsor and I had to figure a lot out on my own. We do have family here which helped but as far as military information goes, they (family) were clueless. I do have to say, Lori and 'G-II' were helpful there!

1. Have you ever been stationed here before?
2. Do you know what part of the valley you want to live in?
3. Are you going to be stationed at Luke AFB?
4. What size house are you looking for?

I wouldn't mind at all helping you with the military side of the house if you need. Just let me know. As far as Mr. Varrato and Mrs. Klindera go, they are wonderful. The best part of their assistance, is their web site where you can almost do the entire transaction online. Mainly seeing MLS listings there while you are still in Germany. By the way, what part are you in? When are you moving? 

Well, I hope I have been some assistance. Good luck to you and if you need the sponsor ship I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Jon and Jenn Scrabeck

PS-Here is a link to the AZ Republic web page where you can pull real-estate listings.