11430 N. 46th Avenue                                                                                                   October 12, 2001
Glendale, AZ 85304

Bill Jilbert
Designated Broker for Coldwell Banker Success
Sent via email: bjilbert@cbsuccess.com 

Linda Lightfoot
Managing Broker

Dear Bill and Linda,

We want you to know how pleased we were in our dealings with GII Varrato and Lori Klindera. They far exceeded our expectations, and we would certainly want them to represent us again when and if we decide to sell our present home.

We were very happy with the agent we used in buying our townhome, so the decision to change agents was not an easy one. That is, until we had our first meeting with GII and Lori. They explained what we could expect from them. And the clincher-they had their own web site and would correspond primarily via email. (For a busy working couple like us, this proved invaluable.)

Now came our first challenge-setting the price. One couple had the majority of listings in our townhome complex for the past few years and prided themselves on the prices they were getting their owners. The most recent price for a two bedroom the same size as ours was $89,500. After looking at our property, Lori was sure she could do better than that. So we set our asking price at $95,000. Lori said that using just properties sold within the complex was too limiting and by using other properties near the complex, she could convince the appraiser of the value of our property. She and GII did their homework and it paid off.

We had one offer before the sign went up and 3 offers in the first week. The second one was a full price cash offer. The only contingency was to leave the appliances. We discussed it with GII and Lori, and they suggested that real and personal property should not be mixed. We should draw up a separate contract for the appliances. We countered at $94,000 for the townhome and $1000 for the appliances. It was accepted.

Now GII and Lori shifted into high gear. They explained that offers, even cash offers, sometimes go awry and it was a good idea to have backups. They also told us how to prepare for the different inspections. Either GII or Lori would be there for each inspection. We had put our trust and confidence in GII and Lori and knew that if we did what they told us, it would all work out.

After the Buyers' inspection and a few minor repairs agreed upon by both parties, GII and Lori knew it was not going to be an easy close, so they went into overdrive. We were also in the process of buying our new house and had set the closing dates to coincide. GII and Lori also knew that we would be out of town for 2 weeks, returning just 4 days prior to close. So, the last thing we needed was to start the closing process over.

There was a lot of correspondence going on between GII and Lori and the Buyer's Agent. The buyer was very nit picky. For instance, we had installed a new water heater just a few weeks prior to listing. He questioned the newness and wanted a copy of the purchase receipt. No problem, we sent it. (He had seen the water heater and it was obvious it was new. In fact, the box it came in was still in the alley ready for pickup!) The Buyer also questioned the age of the air conditioning unit. (Both of these came after his inspection.) With each of these, the Buyer would threaten to withdraw the contract. Finally, he said that his insurance agent told them our townhome was located in one of the worst crime areas in the city so he wanted out of the deal. Lori had kept in touch with the agents representing the two backup offers and knew that at least one of them had yet to purchase. GII and Lori informed the Buyers' agent that we would be willing to let them out of the deal but would like to have the appraisal. (It appraised for $94,000-great job, Lori!). Well, life is just full of surprises. That same day, GII and Lori heard back from the Buyer's agent. The wife really wanted our townhome and wanted back in the deal. She had wanted to buy a unit in that complex for years. GII and Lori got back to us and suggested that, to show good faith, the Buyers put another $5000 down, along with the initial $1000, the total being nonrefundable. All agreed. It was done the next day and we were back in business.

We not only went on vacation but were able to enjoy it. We returned on a Monday and closed that Friday without a hitch, coordinated with the purchase of our new home.

Our experience in selling our townhome had some fretful moments but we didn't worry about it. We knew that GII and Lori would get the job done.


John and Sandy Colvis
Sandy Colvis Sandy.Colvis@aspenfurniture.com
John Colvis jcolvis@earthlink.net