Subject: Prized Realtors
Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999 23:35:49 -0500
From: Jim Sullivan  
Bill Jilbert, Designated Broker, Coldwell Banker Success
Linda Lightfoot, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Success
Dear Bill and Linda,
I wanted to write you a letter about realtors you have in your office.
But first a little background.
My husband was transferred to the Phoenix area.  During our search on
the Internet we came across the web site of two of your realtors, GII
and Lori.  They're site was very informative and easy to move around.  I
contacted them in regards to receiving information on relocating to the
Phoenix area.  They were among a few realtors that I had contacted in
our search for finding information on the area.  I had either contacted
realtors by phone or by email.
GII responded very quickly to my email providing an unlimited amount of
information for us.  When we had a concern about schools and needed more
information on that, he supplied it.  He supplied us as much information
as we needed without even knowing if we were going to use him as a
realtor during this process.
When it got closer to the time of us arriving to the area, he was on
board, making sure every step of our house hunting trip was a success.
He has a site that was wonderful for us as we were in the Chicago area
not knowing anthing about the Phoenix area.  We gave him a brief
explanation of what we wanted in a home and the approximate price
range.  Our biggest concern was school districts, as we were coming from
an excellent area and wanted to make sure our children were kept in the
GII and Lori would preview homes for us and put them onto a web page
designed just for us showing what they had found.  They would relay to
us what the property was next to even if it was next to something that
would bring our resale value down in the future.  They got a good feel
of what we were looking for in a house and would jump onto something new
that would come onto the market.  They were on top of things before we
could even think.  And still yet they did not know if they were going to
be our realtors with this relocation.
They would preview these homes for us, put all pertinent information
along with inside pictures of the homes on the web page.  This was so
very helpful to us with living such a great distance and not knowing
what to expect houses in the area to be like.
The time got closer for us to be on our way to Phoenix to house hunt.
We had to contact our relocation company and make sure that we could use
GII as a realtor.  Upon arrival in town, they were very helpful in our
search.  We arrived in town in the afternoon and had approximately 12 or
so houses to preview.  Our time was limited and they knew this.  GII had
everything under control.  He had our whole route maped out for us from
start to finish.
We finally found the perfect house for us.  We talked to GII and
expressed our thoughts on the price and he negotiated everything for
us.  He got everything that we asked for with no questions asked.
One of the main reasons that we were so blessed to have GII and Lori as
a realtors is their committment to their clients.  They go above and
beyond the call of duty.  They are on top of everything even down to the
last cent.  I recommend them to anyone who would come to the Phoenix
area or who is moving from one town to another.  They are realtors that
know their stuff.  GII and Lori work so very well as a team, as that is
what they are.  You have two great team members within your company and
I hope that you realize how good they are.  I think that more of your
agents could learn a thing or two from them.  They think of their
clients and not the bottom dollar.  They are honest, considerate and the
best realtors we have come across in a long time.
Thank you so much for having such a great team at your company.  They
receive the highest kudos they could get from us.  If and when it ever
came time for us to sell our home, we would not hesitate to give GII and
Lori a call.  They are the best and we are so glad that we found them on
the Internet.
Penny Sullivan
Another testimonial from the Sullivans