Subject: Hardly a day goes by without Kate proclaiming, "I love our house."
Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:13:15 -0700 
        To: Linda Lightfoot -Broker Manager Metro Office <>,
               Bill Jilbert -President -Chief Operating Officer and Designated Broker CBSR <>

Hello G-II and Lori, 
bashs_new_home.jpg (34928 bytes) (click photo to enlarge)
Quite a bit of time has passed and we are settled. Kate has successfully 
turned our house into a home. Things are exceptionally busy at work and I am 
way behind on everything. We want to thank you for all you did to help us 
find our home and to take care of everything to help us get settled. 
Starting early with USAA, getting contacted by you, having the concierge 
service coordinate the utilities really made everything go smoothly and we 
couldn't be happier. You found us the perfect home. Hardly a day goes by 
without Kate proclaiming, "I love our house." 

I'm afraid I am not a very good testimonial for the Web services as our 
connectivity and transient living conditions in Switzerland prior to the 
move precluded any us of it. We did communicate a lot by e-mail though. Now 
with the Cox high speed cable, downloading pictures and graphics is a snap 
and we would make extensive use of it if we were moving again. 

Thank you again for everything, 

Jim & Kate