Subject: Re: Could use a few words for a new client... :o)
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 15:39:34 -0500
To: , 
Hans & Brittany,

GII asked if I would contact you and provide a personal recommendation for
GII and Lori and I will be most happy to relate our experience with them
and the high professional and personal regard we have for them.   First,
understand that Connie and I have never met GII and Lori in person.  They
were recommended through a friend when we asked him to identify a realtor
in Phoenix who could help us sell our house in Glendale.  We live in
Illinois, so it was important to us to have a realtor that we could have
complete trust and confidence in.  GII and Lori have been just that!  I
have purchased and sold a number of homes in my lifetime, the sale that
they just completed for us was and will always be the "closing from hell".
I need to qualify the use of the "closing from hell" term,  the actual deal
was fine, what  made it the closing from hell was all the little road bumps
the buyer and his agent created.  It began with the buyer losing his job
the day before the first scheduled closing (GII and Lori assisted in
finding him another job within a week), the invalid closing numbers his
agent provided that killed the second scheduled closing, lost paperwork,
and finally the buyer coming up short  after the third and successful
scheduled closing.  Throughout each of these events, GII and Lori kept us
informed and calm (as much as one could) and were able to mitigate most of
the stupidity that took place on the other team.
It's a scary feeling being 2000 miles away and being unable to do much
about the events unfolding.  We decided early on that we were going to have
to trust GII and Lori.   We did!  They provided professional guidance,
always kept us informed regarding what had happened, what was going to
happen, their recommendation's.  They will take care of you and you will
be satisfied.
Please feel free to call me if I can provide additional information.  You
can reach me during the day at 217-239-8295, or at 217-446-0468 after 7PM.
Jim Filson