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Subject: Re: We did it... Lot 97 is yours and we got the premium reduced... :o)
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 23:00:01 +0200
From:  (Jason and Vikki White)
To: "G-II Varrato II \(Ret. USAF, Sales Manager, Coldwell Banker Success\)" <>


Thanks for negotiating the lot price down. We are ready to go with a lot premium of $4,500 and a house cost of 171,700+upgrades. Please check these numbers and ensure that is what is going in the paperwork. Please take a look at the lot and ensure there is no cable box or electrical box there.
Also just check the lot for anything else weird. I can write a check for 3000 or do whatever else get the ball rolling. I will be coming back to the states on Wed. My grandmother is sick and very likely to pass away this week. So don't send any documents yet. Plan on sending them to the address I will be at in Texas. I will give you that address when I know more tomorrow.

Thanks again for the help.


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Subject: We did it... Lot 97 is yours and we got the premium reduced... :o)

Hi there you two,

Well... Lori & I did it. We met with the "site sales manger" along with John and got the lot premium dropped from $5,525, the number one arrives at when factoring the usual lot premium of $8,500 by 65%, down to $4,500. We placed a lot Lock/Hold on lot 97 for you.

All we are going to need to get this baby started is the $$$ required by Golden Heritage. Under normal conditions you would write a check for $1,000 at contract signing and then about a month later, another $2,000 to get them to pull the permits and start the dig. We suggested to John that we would
have you send a check for $3,000 and bypass the lag time of 30 days. We, you and us and John, can get the main creature features selected so we can get this build under way.

Congratulations... I know that you really wanted to spend only $3,500 for the lot premium but we just could not squeeze that out of them. Remember, there is still another 2% in incentive $$$ that you get to use toward your purchase, that is about another $3,400. And if we can get USAA to match or beat Golden Heritage's lenders offer of loan structure, we get the 2% anyway, even though the incentive is normally tied to the builders lender.

Just a bit of a story for you. We played a bit of a bluff with the sales manager. We told him that if he would not budge significantly, that you were ready to buy the Cunninghams at the Continental's Rattler's Ridge... That seemed to be just enough incentive to cajole him into the capitulation.

Please confirm that best address for Air Borne or Fed-X packages to get to you. We will have the contract and addenda sent directly to you tomorrow and we will have a copy of same in our hands to review while the docs are on their way to you.

Bye for now...
Lori & "G-II"

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