Subject: Thank You from the Ukens
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 20:10:10 GMT
From: "jim uken"
Organization: USAF Luke AFB
To: "Linda L. Lightfoot (Managing Broker Metro Office)",
    "Bill Jilbert (Designated Broker Coldwell Banker Success)"
To Whom It May Concern,
  Marilyn and I would like to thank G-II Varrato and Lori Klindera for their
thoroughly professional help in getting us relocated to the Valley of the
Sun. Soon after we elected to use the USAA Mover's Advantage program, we
were contacted by Lori and G-II via e-mail while we were still stationed in
Naples, Italy.  Once we filled out our customer profile/preference sheet,
they were quickly able to synthesize ~32,000 listings down to eight that
were the type of housing we had in mind. Talk about being able to cut down
the search in a hurry.  Even better, Lori and G-II gave us on-line pictures
and, in a couple of cases, videos for our potential future home.  Needless
to say, it didn't take us long to all be on the "same sheet of music" with
respect to our housing desires.
   With our preferences established, once I arrived in Phoenix, it took less
than one working day for me to find two houses that were exactly what we
were looking for.  This was fortuitous, as when we and the seller were
unable to reach agreement on a "bottom line for the first house, it was a
very simple matter for us to purchase the equally desirable second home.
   After returning to Italy to pack out our household goods and get our
family moved to Phoenix, Lori and G-II stayed in touch with us via e-mail
and kept a fairly tight USAA timeline for closing on track.  Through their
diligence, we were able to close on our home within one month after applying
for the loan and only a week after arriving back in the States.  Their use
of internet/e-mail technology made it all possible as we were able to
"electronically" go through everything from HOA papers, to home inspection
reports, to loan paperwork.
   I would recommend Lori's and G-II's services to anyone, especially for
persons in the military like myself, those who are trying to find a home
from far away, or those folks who are on a tight timeline where e-mail may
be the best means of keeping a house hunt on track.  While their services
may utilize the latest in technology, it in no way detracted from the
"personal touch" a prospective buyer expects when making a housing choice.
Jim and Marilyn Uken
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