February 3, 2001

Mr. Bill Jilbert
Designated Broker for Coldwell Banker Success

Dear Mr. Jilbert:

I am writing you to express my deepest appreciation for George "G-II" Varrato II and Lori Klindera, the buyers' agents my wife and I contracted in September 1999 to acquire our first house. Since our first contact, they have upheld the strong reputation Coldwell Banker has built and enjoyed via their own professionalism and efficiency.

It was their unparalleled confidence that enabled us to progress consistently and methodically through an otherwise stressful ordeal. Their valuable experience as sales agents and their personal ability to listen to and handle, not only our objections, but also those of the listing sellers', led to what some may call record time to achieve "a close."

I am unsure at this time if my wife and I will ever sell our first home. But, should we decide to do so, I know I have already met two sellers' agents we can trust. G-II and Lori have earned not only my trust, but also my respect.


David C. Garcia
United States Navy