Subject: G-II & Lori
Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 22:17:58 EDT
The boxes are nearly all unpacked and we are so happy to be in our "new"
home.  Now it is time to let you know what our house-hunting experience was
like in the capable and caring hands of Lori Klindera and George "G-II"
Varrato II.
From the initial contact, arranged by USAA Mover''s Advantage, throughout
all phases of the home purchasing process, we have only the very highest praise
for the service provided by Lori Klindera and George "G-II" Varrato II.
Their professional competence, congenial and friendly approach, and positive
attitude made our house-hunting very pleasant, even almost enjoyable.
Through their tireless efforts, we found and bought the home that met our
needs and most of our desires.  It became very apparent, early on in our
relationship, that we could trust Lori and G-II to work in our behalf.
Kingswood Park Entrance (03-19-00).jpg (28660 bytes) Love is eternal and so is the Honey Du List (03-19-00).jpg (34917 bytes) Back Yard 14701 W Kelly-Wenstrand-(03-19-00).jpg (206455 bytes)
Lori and G-II's effective use of the Internet and electronic communications
media in this process is most impressive.  Within minutes of our first
contact, we received complete and detailed information on the general
process involved, as well as the specific procedures and services we could expect
from Success Realty, Lori, and G-II.  Throughout the "house-hunting" phase, 
vital information kept flowing rapidly and efficiently between us.  During
this process we were also searching the Internet for homes and G-II was always
very receptive to our input and might I add, very patient.  This significantly
enhanced the process of narrowing the list of potential homes to view in person,
thereby reducing our trips to Phoenix, from Tucson, and allowing us to make those
trips more efficient and productive.  Even after our decision to purchase, G-II
coordinated the home and pool inspection and necessary repairs.  We still
toss questions his way and he is always ready to get answers for us.
We highly recommend Lori and G-II to anyone who require the services of a Realtor.
Arlo and Jan Wenstrand