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This is an explanation of the purpose of the form ...While knowing the negotiating style of another person is critical to the success of any interaction, equally important is knowing your own style.

Below is a version of the Personal Profile System, devised by the Psychiatric Department at the University of Minnesota that can be used as a quick analysis of your negotiating style.


In each of the boxes below, examine the four descriptive adjectives as they may or may not describe you.  In each box, rank the adjective that most describes you as "7", the next closest as "5", the next closest as "3", and the least closely as "1".  Each box should have four adjectives ranked 7,5,3 and 1 (not necessarily in that order).  No group can have duplicate values, that is, there must be at least one of each of the four values in each of the five groups.


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
a) Stubborn         a) Competitive      a) Adventurous    a) Determined      a) Assertive        
b) Persuasive      b) Playful              b) Outgoing          b) Convincing      b) Optimistic         
c) Gentle              c) Obliging            c) Moderate         c) Good-Natured c) Lenient            
d) Humble            d) Obedient          d) Precise            d) Cautious          d) Accurate         



Transfer your responses from Step 1 to the boxes below and total columns A, B, C & D

in the bottom box:

Group A) Dominance B) Influence C) Steadiness D) Compliance
1 1/a here       1/b here       1/c here       1/d here      
2 2/a here       2/b here       2/c here       2/d here      
3 3/a here       3/b here       3/c here       3/d here      
4 4/a here       4/b here       4/c here       4/d here      
5 5/a here       5/b here       5/c here       5/d here      
Total Dominance      Influence         Steadiness      Compliance    

The results of this Personality Profile System Analyzer is an invaluable tool for you.  With the results and the data we will provide, you will be better equipped to read people's body language.  The data we will provide has been used by the FBI Hostage Negotiating Team for years with untold success.  We will provide you with a graphed explanation of your personality profile.  In addition you will receive your own user name and password to access the entire Personality Profile System and download it FREE. 

Click the Submit Button and the result of your personality profile will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours.  We will need a little information however in order to send the information back to you.  Please take a moment to fill out the information in the form below:

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