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This little guy is a real pest; a lot like Pretty Park.  Learn how to kill it.

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Learn how to rid your computer of this pesky virus/worm
Pretty Park Virus/Worm

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This hoax has been passed on for years.  Learn more about it
Wobbler Virus is a HOAX

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This little guy is a real pest but completely fixable. VBS.KakWorm spreads using Microsoft Outlook Express. It attaches itself to all outgoing messages via the Signature feature of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer newsgroup reader.
Then Infamous Wscript.KakWorm

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W97M.Melissa.BG is a Word 97 macro virus that has a payload of deleting necessary system files. It also sends itself out through e-mail using Microsoft outlook. The subject of the e-mail is "Resume - Janet Simons". 
W97M.Melissa.BG aka ResumeWorm, W97M.Resume.A 

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  UPDATED Tuesday, November 25, 2014 01:51 PM  
He's Back!... This little nasty guy is nothing to be messed with...
NAV currently detects this worm as Bloodhound.VBS.Worm. This worm appears as an attachment titled
LIFE_STAGES.TXT.SHS. Execution of this attachment will open a text file in Notepad displaying the male and female stages of life. Whilst the user is reading the text file the script is executing in the background. This worm spreads itself using Outlook, mIRC and PIRCH. SARC suggests that corporate customers configure their email filtering systems to filter out or stop all incoming emails that have attachments with .SHS extensions. Click here to view NetScape Messanger Rules Window properly configured to delete this incoming virus. Click here to view OutLook Express Rules Filter properly configured to delete this virus from the mail server Click here to view OutLook 2000 Rules Filter properly configured to delete this incoming virus

  Click here for Removal Instructions
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This worm appears to originate from Manila, Phillipines. It has wide-spread distribution, infecting millions of computers. This worm sends itself to email addresses in the Microsoft Outlook address book and also spreads itself into Internet chatrooms via mIRC. This worm overwrites files on local and remote drives, including files with the extensions 
.vbs, .vbe, .js, .jse, .css, .wsh, .sct, .hta, .jpg, .jpeg, .wav, .txt, .gif, .doc, .htm, .html, .xls, .ini, .bat, .com, .mp3, and .mp2.
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This VBS worm does little but replicate. It attempts to copy itself across a network by first locating shared network drives,
then mapping them to a local drive letter. Once a drive is infected, the worm tries to copy itself to the \Startup folder of the
drive (assuming the infected drive is a Win95/98/NT system drive) to ensure execution at startup. The worm remains in
memory until the system is restarted.
VBS.Network aka Network.VBS, VBS/Netlog.Worm

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OutLook 2000 e-Mail Rule Filter set to delte VBS.Stages.A Virus from your incoming mail client

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OutLook Express e-Mail Rule Filter set to delete VBS.Stages.A Virus on Mail Server before it is transmitted

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Net Scape e-Mail Filter set to delete incoming VBS.Stages.A Virus

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