The Internet Will not be Going Away

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Hang in there Irene, with the Internet that is... We too purchased the $100 membership in 1999.

The way we figured it, we have spent much more than that on other Internet based ideas that did not pan out. If one is willing to gamble a few cents a day on a long shot, then our philosophy is... Just Do It... hummmmmm we've heard that some where else... Oh yes, and by the way, we too have submitted
about 15 proposals and got nothing...

Anyway, about those agents in your area who think that the Internet is just a flash in the pan. We truly feel that you will have the last laugh. We sold over 20 buyer controlled contracts in 1999 from our site. Our average price range from those sales alone was over $187,000. We lost more than two times that because we were not smart enough in how to work with the load. (We conducted a mass e-mailing to over 500 leads that actually took the time to complete a Buyer Profile Form on our site. Of that 500, 46 actually wrote back to thank us for our interest in their mission to purchase homes but... "... sorry, we did buy but from another agent in the area..." Let me tell you... we will not be making that mistake this year).

Judi Wolfson has closed over 40 transactions in 1999 and we think that the number is actually closer to 60 but we know she monitors this list and will make the appropriate correction. Alice Held, Coldwell Banker Success is one of the nations top Internet producing agents from right here in the Valley.
She is going to be one of the panel speakers at the Southwest Technology Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico next weekend, and we will be there.

Sharon Marsh is also one of those Techno Savvy Internet agents who will be on that same panel. If we do what we should have done last year, and if we continue to reap the same or similar results from our WEB Site, we should step into the big league of the Internet Realtors.

IOHO, for the time being, traditional Real Estate lead generating has as good a chance as any to provide a good living for the traditional Realtors. But, again IOHO, watch out; America is waking up to this technology exponentially. They are learning how to find the information and where to find those of us who can turn that information into knowledge for them. That is the key... being able to translate Information into Knowledge.

There are many who say or suggest that we, the Realtors, have given up that all so coveted Gate Keeper Roll. Those are the agents who have no idea how to use this technology to their advantage. We are reworking our WEB Site this year to be even more user friendly and to provide even more INFORMATION... but only information. We feel we are learning how to get the visitor to ask us to turn that information into KNOWLEDGE. We will learn more each month and so should you.

Don't listen to those who poo-poo the Internet. It is truly here to stay and stay with a vengeance, if that is even a proper analogy... :o)

Oh boy... I got on a soap box... :o) Sorry... comments and critiques are always welcome...

Bye for now,

Lori & "G-II"

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Irene Gaffigan wrote:

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Hi All,

I signed up with HomeGain for $100.00 for the year. I did this because I heard all the advertisement and met the HomeGain people at our Realtors convention in Dec. I am in NJ and have not seen any advertisements about paying $29.00 and 15% referral. However, when I saw that post this morning,
I e-mailed HomeGain and complained. I don't think that is fair to anyone who paid more. I have gotten about 5 requests for proposals in the last 2 weeks and submitted them, but so far nothing.

Most of the realtors here think the internet and computer will go away <G>. There are very few who use technology to enhance their career, so I felt I had a fighting chance if HomeGain does take off. But now I am not to sure, just angry.

I will keep you all informed as to what happens when they answer my e-mail.


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Subject:  ...the Internet will go away?!... :o)
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BTW... we gave our permission to be published in LOL

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